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Hack Manila 2018 is the first of August 99’s large-scale hackathons. We’re shaping up to set the stage for innovation and shine a spotlight on emerging talents and groundbreaking ideas. Join us at the premier community event for young hackers and engineers.

₱500,000 Prizes & Gifts

Winning developers will be eligible for first, second and third place prizes consisting of cash and/or must-have tech products.

<What To Expect>

For 48 hours, a group of dynamic hackers ranging from students to founders from all across Metro Manila will engage in collaborative computer programming to produce a web, mobile, or hardware project from scratch. JS developers who build on NodeJS and AngularJS are welcome!



Sponsored by
Canstar Tracking

Create a peer-to-peer application, using an API to be provided on-site, on which the users can rent a car from private owners registered on the system. In-app search results must be based on the car owner’s financial profile and credit score, and can be filtered by type, model, and location.

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Sponsored by
Oqulo Tracking

Build a website with an accessible web portal for discounts from different brands and services. Website users must be able to register or sign up to avail the discounted products from partner brands and services using credits from the system. Partner brands must be able to post their products for users to browse and avail.

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Sponsored by
Loft Tracking

Loft’s LokaLocal tracks aims to give back to the community of coffee farmers in the country. Hack Manila contenders will create an application that allows for Lofters to use their credits to purchase coffee from Loft’s partner vendors, for tracking of the amount of coffee consumed by Lofters, and for determining the time and location of purchase.

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<Consolation prizes>

  • Creativity Award: Eligible for P50,000 cash prize for the most innovative use of tech
  • Performance Award: Eligible for P50,000 cash prize for optimum speed, RAM utilization, and app boot up time
  • Design Experience Award: Eligible for iPad Air 2 prize for the best UI/UX
  • Potential job or contract opportunity to work with Canstar and August 99
  • Announced on all August 99/Loft social media channels and email marketing
  • Additional prizes to be announced

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< Criteria for Judging >

Effectiveness of The Solution

Does the solution address the challenges posed?

Completeness and Viability

Did the team deliver a practical working solution that can be implemented and scaled?

Creativity and Innovation

How original or innovative is the solution or the ideas behind it?

User Experience

Is the solution easy and enjoyable to use?

Wow Factor

Did the team present an impressive and convincing solution?

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Alfa Cruz Product Manager, Globe Telecom’s Broadband Business

Alfa is a Product Manager for Globe Telecom’s Broadband Business. She loves the challenge of linking the problem space and solution space in order to deliver business value. She recently completed her Master’s Degree in Technology Management from the University of the Philippines Diliman. She is an expert of Product Development and Management, IT Project Management, and Knowledge Management.

Erny Nazario Product Manager, Sprout Solutions

Erny is the Product Manager at Sprout Solutions, a tech company dedicated to creating software solutions to assist and support small start-up ventures, medium-sized companies, and large businesses with their HR and recruitment concerns. Erny is also an entrepreneur, and has founded businesses based in the Philippines.

Ruben Canlas Agile Coach, Manulife Philippines

Ruben Canlas, or Ben C, is an Agile Coach for Manulife Philippines and for the Demand Science, Inc. team. In his spare time, he also helps manage mobile and web applications development teams for local and international organizations.

Ben C has mentored and evaluated participants of the Google Summer of Code, as well as for various hackathons and software development competitions. He has designed and developed electronic medical records, knowledge management applications, mobile apps, and content management systems for various businesses. He has also taught leadership and IT subjects at some of the leading universities in the country.

Jaychrist Teves Co-founder, DesignPlusHub

Jaychrist Teves is a designer, founder, speaker, and mentor. With 8 years of design and brand experience, he has developed products and services for thousands of different niches of brands, businesses, and companies around the world.

Jaychrist founded DesignPlusHub™ in 2015, the first creative space-sharing community in Cavite, Philippines. He also founded Poddle.Design, a full-stack design boutique based in the Southern Shore of Manila Bay, relentlessly creating purposeful experiences for brands and digital products.

Benj Tupas Founder and CTO, Funbuddies

Benj Tupas is a founder of Funbuddies.ph, an app that enables users to connect and travel together around the Philippines. He started out as a game developer right out of university, and has founded an outsource mobile development startup. He is currently a mobile development consultant and freelance developer for new websites and apps.

During his spare time, Benj frequently participates and speaks at Google Developers Group events and different universities in the country.

Aivin Solatorio Data Scientist, AI Researcher, Machine Learning Advocate

Aivin is a Lead Data Scientist at Kalibrr, supervising the generation of analyses, models, and predictions needed by internal stakeholders. He is also responsible in heading the research and development of Kalibrr’s AI system, such as recommendations algorithms and AI-assisted messaging.

Aivin completed his Master’s degree in Physics from the University of the Philippines Diliman and graduated cum laude BS Applied Physics from the same university. He is passionate about AI and he enjoys making AI related projects during his free time.

Chris Mitchell CFO, Canstar

Chris Mitchell is the CFO at Canstar. He is an Experienced Executive with a keen interest in digital businesses, strategy, and understanding the drivers that make great businesses.

With previous senior roles in the UK, Canada and Australia, Chris has a passion for business and a varied skill-set that has been built upon from Advertising, Digital, Financial Services, Hospitality and Research.

Lynne Cawley Group Executive, People & Operations, Canstar

Lynne Cawley is a successful, results-driven HR professional and the Group Executive, People & Operations at Canstar. Established 25 years ago, Canstar is Australia’s biggest financial comparison website that provides finance and product comparisons to empower consumers.

At Canstar, Lynne is responsible for fostering a great company culture, driving employee engagement and delivering results that impact the bottom line.

Lynne started her career in financial services, providing her a strong knowledge base for her position at Australia’s premier financial comparison website. Lynne holds a degree in psychology at QUT, and is registered as a general psychologist.

Specialising in organisational psychology, Lynne established the HR function at Canstar and now heads up the operations function, leading the HR, Research and Product Data teams. Lynne has worked at Canstar for more than a decade and has over eight years’ experience with many facets of HR including change management, employer brand, leadership coaching and cultural change.

Whilst very results focussed Lynne’s leadership style is one of collaboration and participation, finding satisfaction in building and promoting the skills of individual team members.

JC Pullan Marketing Communications Strategist

JC is the Marketing Communication Strategist at IdeaSpace. Prior to joining IdeaSpace, he co-founded Fetch Everyday Valet, an on-demand valet parking startup that was part of the 2017 cohort of the IdeaSpace acceleration program. Having experienced both sides of the fence, JC helps out on crafting the messages and stories that would resonate with the audiences of the organization. Before joining the entrepreneurial sphere, he worked in different advertising agencies, and lead marketing initiatives for different local and multinational businesses.

Rommel Peralta IT Manager, Araneta Group

Rommel Peralta is the IT Manager for the Araneta Group of Companies. He is in charge of managing web and mobile applications, and ensures that the digital resources for the company are up-to-date, operational, and secure.

He enjoys learning about new technology and traveling during his spare time.

Brian Tan Seng Co-founder of 98Labs

Brian is a Co-Founder of 98Labs, a 9-year-old software development company, and CleverHeat, an early-stage cleantech company. His interests vary from running ultramarathons, biohacking, mountaineering, software, and startups.

Together with Ruben Canlas, Brian is a co-organizer of GDG Cloud Manila, a special interest group focusing on cloud technologies using the Google Cloud Platform.

Jason Acidre Co-founder of Avaris IO

Jason Acidre is the Co-Founder of Avaris IO, a digital marketing agency specializing in technical SEO, content marketing, and digital PR. He's also the lead strategist for the company's project ventures for online media and e-commerce. Over the past 8 years, their team has developed and executed strategies for numerous Fortune/Inc. 500 companies and highly-valued startups.

In the international digital marketing space, he's better known as the author of Kaiserthesage, a world-renowned SEO blog.

Devlin Duldulao Microsoft MVP, MCSD, MCT

Devlin Duldulao is an independent software developer, an SEO consultant, and a Microsoft MVP. He also trains up-and-coming developers using the skills and expertise that he has acquired throughout his professional career.

He loves speaking at universities and developers’ events, volunteering on medical missions, and traveling around the world with his better half.

Tiger Bitanga Chief Executive Officer, August 99

As the CEO of August 99, Tiger began setting the foundation for the company in August 1999 with the vision of connecting dynamic businesses all over the world to awesome web design talent in the Philippines.

He is a big believer in the power of tribes and networking and is currently working on several internet ventures in the fast growing Philippine market.

Bernd Rennebeck Chief Technology Officer, August 99

As CTO of August 99, Bernd oversees the tech operations for the whole company and makes sure things in production run smoothly.

He’s also the company’s resident problem solver and is an early adopter and lover of new technology. When he’s not in the office, he’s either catching up on sleep, out exploring new apps, or spending quality time with his daughter, Arya.

Itamar Gero Founder & CEO, TrueLogic

Itamar Gero is the CEO of Truelogic, one of the largest digital marketing companies in the Philippines. He had programmed and sold his first commercial software by the age of 16. He later went on to serve in the Israeli army as an IT specialist.

Itamar leads Truelogic with the skills and business strategies that he learned during his youth and maturity in Israel.

Ken Reddy Chief Technology Officer, Canstar

Ken Reddy is the CTO and Group Executive of Technology at Canstar. With his degrees in Engineering and Technology Leadership, and a Masters in Business and Finance, he leads the Canstar technology team to help define the future of Canstar.

Outside of work, Ken enjoys fixing up old cars, and getting in touch with his Australian roots with horseback riding.

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